BWA response to Covid-19 - Men's pennants


The Board discussed several areas that would be specifically affected by the onset of Covid-19 and agreed to the following actions accordingly: 

3.3.1 Men’s pennants 

The CEO recommended that at this time all fixtures were postponed and as they became “due” each would be abandoned as required. This would ensure the season was not cut short and that the full number of rounds were played out according to the regulations detailed in the BWA Handbook. Once the season concluded next Saturday, with points evenly shared, that would then signal the opportunity to announce automatic promotions and demotions. These would be honoured for the 2020/21 season. Those promotions and demotions that required the playing of one or more fixtures would be postponed until no further time was available; this would likely be 1st October, following which are decision would be made on any further action. This remained in line with the requirements of the Handbook and regulations communicated pre-season. 

The Board accepted this position, with information as above to be forwarded to clubs following the likely abandonment of Round 18. At this time however it was readily acknowledged that the priorities of the Association remained both the safety of the members and the financial sustainability of the clubs. NOTED.

thursday pennant format

                          Midweek Format

Bowls WA suggested we put forward ideas as a club. So we will give people time to think of any ideas they think would be beneficial, discuss with others and put their ideas via this web page. We encourage your input and hope there will be some great responses. Please make sure to write your name on any correspondence.

Please try to make this a positive experience. The Midweek format is 95% here to stay so let’s be pro- active in making it even better. 


  The last ladies Tuesday games for the season were played this week.

1stDivision are into the Finals for the flag but not without some very disappointing results at Osborne Park yesterday. We lost on all 3 rinks and with both Scarborough and Warwick having convincing wins we are now in 4thplace on the ladder after holding 2nd position for most of the season behind Sorrento. Although not official, this will mean we will likely play Scarborough at Sorrento on Monday. The winner will then play the loser of Sorrento and Warwick on Tuesday. It would be wonderful to have as many vocal supporters as we can muster to cheer us on at Sorrento on Monday. It really does make a huge difference and charges the atmosphere.

With a 24-13 win over North Beach at North Beach Sue Parry’s team in 3rd Division of Martina Gericke and Chris Beaney, yes….. I know…. they only had 3 players!! Are “TEAM OF THE WEEK.” Congratulations. What a great effort and many thanks to Chris for filling in on short notice. The aggregate was lost however and 3rd Division being on 29 points will finish the season at the bottom of the ladder and may not stay in 3rdDiv.

A 56-48 win over Mosman Park at Mosman Park gave Tuesday’s 2nd Division 5 points and a great way to finish the season. It wasn’t enough however as we are at the bottom of the ladder and also face relegation to 3rd Div. It’s disappointing for everyone but will give us a chance to work on improving our results next season.

Saturday ladies 2nd and 3rd Divisions both added a point to their total of 19 and 21 respectively when they met Merriwa and Sorrento at home last Saturday. Last games on Saturday 14thMarch. 2nd Div. plays Doubleview at Doubleview and 3rd Warwick at Warwick. Good luck for the final round ladies.

We hope as many Saturday ladies as possible are able to attend the ladies pennant windup at Currambine Tavern as the date has been changed to Saturday 21stMarch at 12 o’clock.  I think the list is still on the board at the club.

Thank you ladies for your wonderful commitment to this year’s pennant season. The results may not be what we were hoping for but never the less being part of a team and the friendships, fun and support that are made and had during the season are invaluable I’m sure you will agree.

See you all back safe and sound for next season’s challenges.


Selection Team