Vale: Pete Leslie

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Pete Leslie who has lost his 15 month battle with cancer. He passed peacefully with Dot with him around midnight on 19th May.

Pete was a past member of our Club and members did appreciate his coaching advice.

To Dot and family we as a Club offer our deepest sympathies

Presidents update 22 May 2020

Update from the JBC Acting President.



Greetings fellow members,

Firstly news of a sad note.

Many of you will now be aware of the sad passing this week of former member Peter Leslie, Husband of Dot. Peter spent many years at our club, initially as a player then followed up with coaching and many hours assisting the green keeper. On match days during the season Pete could always been relied on to be on the roller before pennant games after which he then sat in the opening of the greenkeepers shed to watch the game on “A” Green and support our club. He followed that up during the week by providing some well received feedback on individual performances and personally played a large part in correcting my stance and delivery. As a proud Vietnam Veteran, Pete was always on hand to deliver the Ode of Remembrance on Anzac Day before our annual commemorative day competition. On behalf of the Joondalup Bowling Club members I send our heartfelt condolences to Dot and family. Rest in Peace Pete.

Your management committee met again on the 20th of May to discuss the further reopening of our greens plus our normal general business. 

Items of note:

· As we can now have up to 20 players per green on three greens it was decided to recommence pop sticks on Thursday’s (Men) and Saturday’s (Mixed), Scroungers on Sunday’s and Ladies day on Wednesday’s. Please refer to our website for details and conditions of play. All social distancing and hygiene rules recently implemented continue to apply.

· Club singles, Novices and mixed championship events outstanding will be finalised by the end of June.

· Annual fees to remain the same for the upcoming season. Renewals will be sent out next month.

· AGM tentatively set for the 12thAugust. We will confirm or otherwise after our next committee meeting on the 10thJune. Further relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions will be required of course.

· We have agreed to let Merriwa Bowling Club members use “B” on Thursday, Friday and Sundays until they are allowed to get back on the greens in the village.

· Our Club’s response to matters raised by BowlsWA ahead of the President’s forum has been posted on our website. 

· A huge thanks to Richard Wyatt for over a week’s work in painting our office, the JSA office and the entire bar area including the cool room recently. He was ably assisted by Colin Shier. 

· The loss of Bingo income has been partly offset by the Governments cash flow boost payment of $10K received last week plus we are also in receipt of the JobKeeper payments which have allowed us to keep Craig and Wes fully employed.

· Big thanks to Nancy Sutton for her daily attendance during the past week assisting with the limited roll ups.

· A proposal for a club “Hoodie” has been received from Ben Leggett stay tuned for more information and details of the proposed design.

It’s good to be back on the greens again. Hopefully we will be able to access the club rooms in the not too distant future.

Dave Webber

Acting President

President Forum Response

Our clubs response to the request from Bowls WA in regard to the President’s forum


                                                                                              Joondalup Bowling Club

                                                                                             6 Miami Pde

                                                                                              Iluka WA 6028

                                                                                              6th May 2020

Ken Pride

CEO Bowls WA

58 Main Street

Osborne Park

Presidents’ Forum Agenda Response

Dear Ken.

We recognize that we find ourselves in strange and unchartered times that require out of the norm solutions and as such have included with our club’s response to the Agenda items, some suggestions and alternative ideas.

Bowls WA Affiliation Fee

We supportthe proposed new model based on a member having PLAYING RIGHTS, their eligibility to play Club Championships, Pennants and State events.

We also agree with the cut off for clubs to have their database in order by the 15th October and Bowls WA forwarding invoices on the 1st November.

We would however like to see some more transparency in how the Bowls WA Board arrives at its projected required income and how that income is spent. This would be of help to the clubs in explaining to their members the benefits they receive from the affiliation fee they pay.

Bowls WA Calendar

We accept the calendar is based on the Bowls season starting as programmed and that there may be changes required due to any Covid-19 restrictions.

We note however, that the calendar has Ladies Saturday Pennant competition stopping at round 8 (Christmas break) with no further games till the Ladies Saturday finals on March 13th. 

Men’s Promotions, Demotions and Pennants (Saturday)

We agree the Pennant season was completed and that Automatic promotions and demotions be honoured. Teams finishing on top of the ladder be promoted and the teams finishing bottom be demoted.

We accept the proposal to hold Challenge or Promotional matches on the 19th of September subject to any Covid-19 restrictions and that the eligibility of players must be as was required under the 2019/2020 finals regulations.

We do question however why the Pennant Finals cannot be held on the same day/weekend as the Challenge or Promotional matches following the same conditions. Clubs, teams and members have committed a lot of time, energy and passion to reach the top of the ladder in their respective divisions and to not be given every opportunity to complete that season (play for a flag) will be very disappointing.

Men’s Promotions, Demotions and Pennants (Midweek)

We agree the Pennant season was completed and that Automatic promotions and demotions be honoured. Teams finishing on top of the ladder be promoted and the teams finishing bottom be demoted.

We do not agree with the proposal to not hold any Challenge or Promotional finals, or to hold any Pennant Finals. We believe this decision demeans the standing of midweek men’s pennants and our members who play in it. While we recognize there may be some difficulties in holding these games over two weeks, we believe if the current restrictions have been eased sufficiently to allow men’s Saturday games to proceed on September 19th then midweek games should also be possible and be given every opportunity to happen.

Ladies Saturday Pennants

We supportthe proposal to reduce the length of the game from 21 ends to 18 ends for 2ndand 3rd divisions. With 1st division remaining at 21 ends.

We supporthaving a start time of 1pm.

We supportthe proposal to extend the length of the season to 18 games and acknowledge this change if accepted would not take effect till 2021/22 season.

We do not support the proposal to remove the forecast temperature General Abandonment rule. We seek No change to current rule.

Ladies Tuesday Pennants

We do not support any of the proposed changes to the Promotion/demotion system. We seek no change to the current system. 

Men’s Midweek competition 2020/21

While our over all feeling of sets play was positive, the lack of an aggregate scoring system meant it was not well received. We therefore support a return to a 21-end game with aggregate scoring.

Start time. 1.15pm for a 1.30pm start.

We support re-spotting of the jack.

Further Comments on Heat/ Inclement Weather Rule

We would also like to raise the following where the result of inclement weather sees some clubs having to cancel games and other clubs being able to complete their games creating what we feel is an un-even result for the round.

1. Perth has a large geographical area and the chances of inclement weather not affecting all suburbs at the same time (scattered rain or high temperatures) are quite high. In this case, clubs with artificial surfaces or covered greens gain a huge advantage over those clubs playing on open grass greens. If 30% of the venues across the metro area are washed out/heated out, then the round should be cancelled.

2. There was much time and discussion given at the 2019/20 Presidents’ Forum regarding the testing and possible introduction of “comfort meters “over the use of a straight temperature reading. There is no mention of these new meters at this forum? 

Joondalup Bowling Club

David Webber

Acting President

Love of your local promotion


Support our JSA

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Thanks for your continued support and understanding.


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Offer only valid on Carlton dry

Back on the Greens from next Tuesday 5/5/2020


Restricted Bowling


Yes, easing of the states corona virus restrictions regarding social gatherings has allowed us to open greens BUT…..

There will be restrictions to adhere too.

               Max. 10 Players per Green

               Limit to number of players to a Rink (max 4)

               Social Distancing

               Sanitizing and Disinfecting

               Time limits

We have implemented a booking system via our website which will be overseen by the Match Committee. 

When booking time on greens please be courteous and provide consideration to others when making your bookings.

We will monitor the bookings and may cancel if privileges are abused.

We will require a Duty Manager to begin with mainly to open and close equipment room, organise players and explain process of player duties (help required).

Each player can book a rink for 1hr and need extra nominal “8-10”min. to disinfect their mat and kitty after use. This will be responsibility of “Booking Player”.

If players require a particular time they can check across the 6 rinks for availability.

If they wish they can book multiple periods but not consecutively (If demand gets too high, it will be limited to 1 booking per day).

We are leaving Rinks 1 & 3 available to play Pairs (4players per rink) and rink 5 to be available for Single ( 1 or 2 players). This way we maximize our numbers to comply with the 10 people per rink restrictions. Please take this into account when booking rinks.

After their 1hr game Players must leave the rink immediately (no – “can we just finish this end”).

One rink Player must be nominated to place mat and kitty.

One player from the rink must be nominated to clean and sanitize equipment. There will be a “cleaning area” to disinfect and sanitize mat and kitty. (The “duty manager” will direct.).

This way mats and kitties can be rotated i.e. two sets per rink, one in play one set for next booking. 

Once game is finished players must leave the Greens.

If players arrive late, their rink time remains as was and they lose the lost time.

A nominal fee of $2 will be charged per player. This is to cover the cost of providing sanitisers and disinfectants as per bowls WA requirements. If a player books and cannot attend or if or they don’t provide 3hrs cancellation notice they are charged.

If Players are playing with partner or pairs they must nominate the other players.

We will invoice users monthly based on booking name. If you have booked for multiple players you collect their money. The club will invoice the “booking player”.

To begin we will need to roster duty managers to oversee and co-ordinate.

ONLY PLAYERS who are on booking register will be allowed to play.

The Committee would appreciate if all players install the Corona Virus App (COVIDSAFE) on their phones.

Looking forward to catching up again

Management Committee

Talk to your friends at our bowls club


Joondalup men are inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool with a local, desktop client and a mobile app that allows users to meet online, with or without video. 

Zoom is free and each free session can last for 30- 40min. which is enough.  

Just need PC with camera and audio.


Selectors Joondalup is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting  


Usual password  


Topic:    Selectors Joondalup's Zoom Meeting 

If you are speaking to others then please get them to join meeting. Send them this detail or tell them to look at website for details.

Zoom meeting this TBA for 1:30 start for male members of our Bowls Club.

You can request an  invite by 1.15 from and Colin will authorise by giving you a  Passcode, if required. (Same as this week)




The Australian Federal Government has advised that all organised sporting events and all social sporting activities must cease, including all forms of social bowls and any roll ups, from midnight tonight. (March 25, 2020).

New recommendation:

Australian Health Protection Principals Committee (AHPPC) further recommends closing all organised sporting events, including outdoor sport and swimming pools.


New restrictions to be enforced:

All social-based sporting activities are to cease from midnight tonight.

For community and recreation centres, they may remain open only for the purpose of hosting essential voluntary or public services, such as food banks or homeless services.


ladies match captain report


As we are all relaxing (forced) it has given us time to think about our past season and plan for the future. 

I would on behalf of the ladies match committee congratulate the men on their achievements over the pennant season. 

A super result for all concerned, they certainly put a lot of effort in their achievements.

The good thing for we ladies was the number of new members we had join during the last 12 months.

I am very proud of the way they have embraced our club also the way they contested our competitions and how they stood up to their first season of pennants.

As Ladies’ Match Captain I would like to thank so many in the club. 

Firstly, to my loyal Match committee (who I need to continue on until till we get through this tricky period) Jo, Sue, Merilyn and Barbara, ladies, a big thank you. 

Barbara and Sue assist me with the weekend events while Jo and Merilyn were responsible for Wednesdays.  

Carol our Vice Pres. always ready when asked. 

Janet and her band of selectors for the job they do. 

This year we have achieved a start to something very special within our junior program. 

Thanks to all my helpers both the men and ladies who have volunteered when needed.  

Again, to Geoff and Mark who have from the start been with me along this rocky road. I know Mark will expand the juniors in the future and I will look forward to watching the juniors grow.

Thank you Keith for organising the Social bowls along with Barbara, Gordon and Lynne.

It has been a pleasure to have such obliging people as Sue and Gaye (JSA) to help us get our events organized.

To the JBC Management Committee we haven’t had an easy year but it is an honour to work with you. 

Thank you Dave and all the other committee members (Colin has even taught me how to use Zoom).  

To finish, my highlight was playing pennants with Ruby and Ashlyn, our future is in great hands. 

Stay safe everyone and hopefully we will be back on the green earlier than predicted.     


Ladies Match Captain. 

(PS - I will attempt to ring all lady members over the next couple of months.)

The Bowls Show returns

The Bowls Show returns early on 7Two, Fox Sports and Kayo


Monday, April 6, 2020 

Season five of The Bowls Show is set to return to television screens ahead of schedule this weekend, on bowls' new free-to-air broadcast home, 7Two and 7plus, in addition to Fox Sports and Kayo.

With bowls clubs closed and players unable to participate, The Bowls Show has been brought forward from its regular end of May to October 20-week slot, giving fans the chance to relive the highlights of the recent Bowls Premier League event, BPL11.

Launching on Sunday, April 12 at 11.00am AEST on 7Two and 7plus, and also air airing on Fox Sports and Kayo from Tuesday, April 14 at 5.00pm AEST, this year's program will be split into two blocks of 10 episodes, running up until June 16 and returning again later in the year.

Bowls Australia CEO Neil Dalrymple said that it was important to provide fans with the opportunity to stay engaged in the sport and looked forward to The Bowls Show airing on its new free-to-air home of 7Two.

"Unfortunately, our bowls community aren't able to get out on the greens and enjoy our sport at the moment, so it's important that we provide them with opportunities to remain engaged in their beloved pastime," Dalrymple said.

"This season's The Bowls Show is the start of a new relationship with the Seven Network, which will expand to other future bowls broadcasts, and will give fans across the nation the ability to consume and enjoy bowls content during a time when they can't physically participate on the green.

"We're appreciative of the efforts of our new free-to-air partner 7Two and existing pay-TV partner Fox Sports Australia, who have shown every episode of The Bowls Show over the past four years and been a valued supporter of bowls broadcasts since 1998."

Jack Heverin will once again return to the program's hosting role, alongside former International Bowler of the Year Matthew Flapper as co-host.

The Bowls Show program will again be produced by Bowls Australia's valued broadcast production partner Crocmedia.

“Now, more than ever, when international and local sport has come to a standstill, sports fans are craving content. We are thrilled to showcase one of the highest participation sports in Australia and showcase everything bowls has to offer,” said Craig Hutchison, Chief Executive Crocmedia.

The Bowls Show - Season 5
• 2 x 10-week blocks across 2020.
• First block of 10 episodes from April 12 to June 14.
• 7Two and 7plus: Sundays from April 12 at 11.00am AEST.
• Fox Sports and Kayo: Tuesdays from April 14 at 5.00pm AEST on Fox Sports 503, with additional replays during the week and Saturday mornings.

Bingo Cancelled

  Cancelled until further Notice 

~~Important Announcement~~

While the incidence of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is still low in Western Australia, the health of our patrons, community and volunteer staff is our greatest priority.

Joondalup Bowling Club Bingo is therefore cancelled  until further notice 

We will continue to monitor the situation via the Health Department of WA website ( and encourage you to do the same. 

Thank you for your understanding and see you all again soon!

David Webber President 

Scott Baldock Bingo Manager

junior lawn bowls

Wrong Bias

Wrong Bias tin going to Charity


We have a wrong bias tin in which members deposit $2.00 if they happen to put down a wrong biased bowl. So if you are playing pennants, a championship event, and social bowls or even just practicing we are sure your fellow bowlers will remind you about the tin, if you happen to forget. In the time the wrong bias tin has been going over $950.00 has been raised to go towards a donation to Cancer research and Legacy.

Thank you to all those members who continue to forget to look at the bias before delivery

New Members Jul 19 to Oct 19


A special warm Dolphin welcome goes out to our newest members who have joined our wonderful Club since July 2019.  

Thank you to all of you for making our club the envy of other clubs all around as they struggle to draw new members. The depth of our membership continues to grow and this strengthens our club throughout. 

I am terrible with names so please make yourself known to me if you see me around the club and feel free to offer any suggestions you may have for improvements or even your first impressions. Our hardworking committee is always looking for ways to improve our club for all and first impressions are a good indicator as to if we are doing it right!

Thank you to all 24 bowlers listed below and we wish you an enjoyable time at your new bowling home. Welcome to the Dolphin family (Pod)!

James Dwight

Jennifer Ewen

Lee John Higgins       

Gail Humberston        

James Jamison        

Douglas Martin           

Stephen Morey          

Joanna Morey

Jo-Anne Nelligan       

Shane Nelligan           

Glenn  Oakley           

Conrad Parker           

Dave   Porter

Nicola  Potter 

Ian Potter       

Judy Saxon    

Alan Walker   

Valmai Walker           

Sally    Woods

The above new members are now first year capitated players and are eligible to play in our Club & Novice singles events. A Novice can only play in Novice singles for two events.

Colin    Bailey             Foundation member returning

Bill       Brogan            Returning after having a year off

David   Davies            Transfer from Willeton Bowls Club

Wes     Neilson            Transfer from Wanneroo Bowls Club

John    Wills                Transfer from Como Bowls Club

Do not hesitate to utilise the great coaches we have to help you improve your game

Please make yourself known around the club and may your bowls bend the right way!

Chris Leggett



Raffle Winners


 Winners of Thursday 12th March raffle:  

Harry Teeuwissen

Winners of Saturday 7th March raffles:  

Kiwi Kevin Gray,Keith Willett and Geoff Stevenson 

Authority to open/close the greens


Persons with authority to open or close greens. 


Greens Committee Chairman(Chris B), 

Match Captains (Nancy & Colin)

 and A/President (Dave Webber).

The Formative years 1993-1998

A narrative of the beginning of Beaumaris Bowling Club ( Now Joondalup Bowling Club). If you cannot download there is a hard copy in JBC office